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I'm Daniel Orchard, the founder and principal developer at Zenith Digital. Driven by an unwavering passion for merging creativity with technology, I established the company in 2023 as a platform to support innovative projects and venture into exciting new realms.

At Zenith Digital, my focus lies in transforming ideas into tangible, immersive experiences across film, television, and broadcast media. With a solid foundation in technical problem-solving and a wealth of industry experience, I am dedicated to addressing complex challenges, optimizing workflows, and utilizing my technical expertise to introduce advanced features and efficiencies.

Originally started as a personal mission, Zenith Digital is built on the premise of adaptability and excellence. While currently centered around my expertise, the framework is in place to incorporate a wider circle of skilled professionals and forge strategic partnerships as needed. This flexibility ensures that Zenith Digital can seamlessly adapt to projects of varying scopes, offering both leadership and comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Discover through our portfolio how Zenith Digital, underpinned by the transformative capabilities of Unreal Engine, is at the forefront of innovating visual storytelling.


  • Motion Capture Solutions: At Zenith Digital, we provide comprehensive motion capture assistance, and have close ties with a number of motion capture vendors, Our expertise includes preparing and managing shoots, seamless integrations into Unreal Engine, and delivering characters complete with animation blueprints and logic.
  • XR Development Services: We offer a suite of XR development services, drawing from a rich history of creating cutting-edge experiences. Our expertise spans from crafting virtual production tools for the film industry to developing engaging AR experiences for Magic Leap and mobile devices. We're also adept in VR game development and designing location-based-experiences, equipped with a deep understanding of various headsets. We can also work to intergrate new technology solutions such as haptics, props, or biometrics into the experience. Partner with us to bring innovation and versatility to your XR projects.
  • Virtual Production Mastery: We bring extensive experience in on-set virtual production, having worked closely with film, TV, and theatre projects. Our proficiency includes operating with advanced tools like N-Cam and Glassbox Dragonfly, enhancing the production process through innovative technology. We specialize in building and managing virtual production tools that seamlessly integrate into real-world sets, offering customized solutions for a range of entertainment mediums.
  • Custom Unreal Engine Solutions: We specialize in developing bespoke tooling and complete experiences within Unreal Engine. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of custom solutions, from simulators that cater to educational needs to advanced visualizers integrating external data for sports and other industries. Our commitment is to deliver unique, tailored experiences that leverage the full potential of Unreal Engine to meet your specific requirements.
  • Gameplay Development and Programming: We excel in crafting intricate gameplay logic and programming, encompassing a diverse range of elements from bespoke plugins to sophisticated AI systems. Our expertise extends to the creation of vivid materials and textures, dynamic gameplay mechanics, immersive VFX, and engaging audio design. With a keen focus on innovation and technical excellence, we deliver comprehensive gameplay experiences that captivate and entertain.
  • Experience Prototyping: We specialize in fast-paced development and iterative prototyping, enabling us to quickly transform ideas into tangible tech demos. This approach is key for testing out various scenarios and project concepts, allowing for efficient refinement and enhancement. Our proficiency in creating prototypes ensures that each project's potential is thoroughly explored and optimized before full-scale development begins.

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